48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
26-30 April 2023

Invention title  *  
Number of inventors  *  
Exhibitor Name  *  
Position title of the Exhibitor  *  
Exhibitor Birth date  *    
Exhibitor email  *  
Exhibitor mobile no  *  
Exhibitor governorate, address  *  
Description of your invention in Arabic in half page  *
Description of your invention in English in half page  *
If possible, kindly provide French translation
Descriptoin of your marketing view in half page  *
 In which Class do you consider your invention should be placed? *
(The organizing committee retains the liberty of changing the invention’s category in case need be)
In what form do you intend to exhibit your invention?  *  
Have you already applied for a patent for your invention  *
If yes, NO of request and date of request  *
If yes
Please attach document of deposit of the patent file as a must    
Is your invention protected by a patent?  *
If yes, NO of patent  *
If yes
Please attach the patent certificate as a must    
If not, what kind of protection does your invention have?  
Do you have apre sample?  *     
Did you make experiments for testing the reality of the idea ?  *
If Yes where
Have you already commercialized your invention ?  *     
Please mention Size of the invention  
total size, width, length, height in cm    
What is the purpose of exhibiting your invention?  *  
Have you participated in Exhibition of Inventions Geneva before *  
If yes, which year
Have you presented your current invention in Exhibition of Inventions Geneva before *
are there substantial modifications have been made to it since it was first exhibited and please describe them
Yes, describe………  
No, there aren’t
If Yes, describe


Have you get support from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology before for the participation in Exhibition of Inventions Geneva *  
Please provide a link for a 4 minutes video in English as a must including::
info about the invention and photos for  
- the comparative advantages in the invention that makes it difference from similar ones  
- how the invention works    



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